One of the ways in which retailers are engaging customers is through offering customization options for standard products, so that customers can add a little something to make them their own.

American Eagle has brought this option to one of the most universal casual wardrobe staples – jeans. As a touch of differentiation, select American Eagle stores offer customers the opportunity to create custom jacron labels (aka back patches).

The options include two different size back patches, available in an array of colors, to which one can then add a stamped or embossed name, website, hashtag or message.

As someone who enjoys adding a touch of flair to things, I enjoyed my trip to American Eagle in Town Center at Boca Raton, where Christina brought my back patch customization selections to life.

With a handful of new jeans and jean shorts, I decided to experiment with different types of textures and messages. On some I went for a metallic vibe, and on others white leather. Message-wise, I put the short link to our company website, on a few and on the rest, my blog

To further up the engagement ante, and for a chance to be featured in one of their ads, American Eagle encouraged enthusiasts to share their customized jeans on social media through tagging #AEJeans. On Instagram, #AEJeans brings up some 25,291 posts – which may not seem that high a number, however, it certainly indicates a decent presence.

Truthfully, even if these customized details go unnoticed by those around me when I’m wearing them, for me they still add a modicum of uniqueness which makes me smile.

Perhaps American Eagle will continue to innovate their customization offerings to further inspire participation, engagement and, of course, sales.

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